Perverse Pussy Taking Cock In Her Hand And Inserting It Between Her Tits

Perverse Pussy Taking Cock In Her Hand And Inserting It Between Her Tits

The next morning I stayed in my room to catch up on homework that I needed to finish before heading back to State.  I heard the girls get up just before 11 AM.  I knew that they had stayed up late talking.  I was not sure how they, especially Annie, would be feeling about me.  In fact, I was a little nervous about the whole thing, so I thought it best to stay out of their way.  It sounded like they were having fun cooking up a big breakfast, which I took was a good sign.About 1 PM or so, Kathy knocked and asked, "Are you decent?" I said, "Sure, Sis, come on in."She entered alone and said, "Annies' Mom needed her at home, so she picked her up a few minutes ago.  I'll see her later at our cheer practice this afternoon.  That's why I have my uniform on.""Oh, I'm sorry I missed her. I just had to get caught up on this school work.""Are you almost done, Jimmy?  I mean, if you're busy, I can leave you alone?""No, Kathy, sit down. I'm all caught up on schoolwork. I thought it was best for me to stay out of your hair this morning,  I felt like it might get a little awkward if I were to be around, so I just stayed in my room and found some extra things to work on."As Kathy walked over to sit next to me, she said, "I guess I do understand how you feel, Jimmy, but I think Annie had a good time, and I know she enjoyed meeting you.""I suppose she did a little more than meet me, eh Kathy?""Well, (with a little chuckle and smile) I guess that is true.  She did a little more than meet you. That's why I wanted to make sure and see you as soon as Annie left.  I was kind of worried about you.  I thought you might have some second thoughts about all that happened.  But I know that Annie really likes you.  We were up late talking about you.  More than anything else, she was excited to tell me how lucky I am to have such a cool brother.""Wow, that's nice to hear sis, I was a little nervous about what you might say, so that's a huge relief." Kathy seemed a little serious, and I asked her if everything was alright.  I even thought I noticed a tear or two as she wiped her eyes and sniffled a little bit."Jimmy, we had such a good time yesterday, but then I remembered what happened on Friday night.  Do you still need to spank me before you leave for school?""Oh Kathy, I'm sorry that is upsetting you." I gave her a nice hug and told her that I agreed on how much fun it was yesterday.  I even said that she deserves the credit for making it a great day.  "I was amazed and am so thankful that you actually asked Annie or almost told her to show me her tits.  Once you said that, I knew Annie would not be able to refuse your request.  I did not believe that you could read my mind as I had been thinking about her tits ever since she came over.  It was fascinating to see how rock-hard her nipples were once she removed her bra.  They were better than I had imagined.  So thank you for that."Kathy smiled just a little through her tears and said, "It was really fun. I'm glad you and Annie got to know each other."I put my arm around her shoulder and whispered, "Kathy, you are such a wonderful step-sister. I really do know how lucky I am."She sniffled a little looked into my eyes, and said, "I know that I am the lucky one, Jimmy."Kathy then began to lean forward toward my lap slowly.  I only had to give her a little guidance to get her into a perfect position.  I told her how proud I was of her for understanding that it is still important for us to finish her spanking from Friday."Yes, I do know that, Jimmy.  You do need to spank me now."Kathy's short uniform skirt did not cover very much once she was across my lap.  I just needed to lift it a few inches to reveal her red uniform panties.  I patted her bottom on top of this garment and told her that I was surprised she had them on."I know," Kathy replied, "But when you pull them down, you will see that I am not wearing any of my own panties underneath." I inserted my index fingers into the red garment and took them down to her knees. She lifted just enough for me to remove them.  Once again, I had the fortune of looking at and gently stroking a beautifully soft, very white teenage bottom.  I began Kathy's spanking with several quick and firm strikes to each cheek.  These were quite a bit harder than those I had given her on Friday, and it surprised Kathy a good bit as she let out a loud, "Wow, wow, wow, Oh my goodness.  Oh wow, oh wow." At the same time, kicking her legs and wiggling uncontrollably on my lap.  I knew I wanted thi
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s spanking to be more aggressive, so I held Kathy securely as I spanked and slapped her perfect little bottom.  After a minute, I took a break to see if I may have overdone it.  I began to rub my hand across her slightly pink cheeks gently.  "Sorry Kathy, I may have gotten carried away.  I didn't mean for it to hurt too much. I just thought it should be different this time.""It's okay, Jimmy, you are giving me another really good spanking. It's just so different from the last time. I had to get used to it.""I know, Kathy. I realized that you are a big girl and that I need to give you a real big girl spanking.  I'm glad that you understand.""You are amazing, I can't believe I am saying this, Jimmy, but you need to spank me a little bit longer.""I do, Kathy." I immediately gave her a couple of firm, but mostly playful, slaps across each of her little cheeks.  As I resumed with the more serious spanking, she kicked and twisted at first, but much less than before.  At some point, I realized that she was accepting the spanking and remaining perfectly still.  I slowed the speed and firmness of the spanking down as I became more interested in watching my pretty step-sister.  I would pat her softly, rub her bottom, then deliver a firm shot. It did not seem to matter to her. She seemed perfectly content, no matter what I did."Kathy, you did great," I told her as I rubbed her bottom.  "You were wonderful, Jimmy.  I think we could both probably use a shower now.""I know you are right, Kathy. You can go first.""No, Jimmy, you are going to go first, and I am going to watch you.""Well, I guess that is part of what we were talking about.  If that is what you really want, tell me what to do."Kathy stood, smoothed out her cheer skirt, and sat in my desk chair, leaving her uniform panties on the floor."Jimmy, I need you to stand in front of me and take your clothes off."As instructed, I stood up.  I took my tee-shirt off, opened my belt, unhooked the top of my jeans, and pulled the zipper down."Kathy, have you ever seen a guy with no clothes on before?""No, Jimmy, I have only seen pictures, but I know that you look better than any of those pictures, and now that I know what Annie was talking about last night after we went to bed.""What did Annie tell you?""She said that when you were spanking her, the only thing she was thinking about was how big your cock was getting underneath her.  I thought she must be imagining things until I realized that I also could feel it growing as you were spanking me.  Now you need to take your pants off, Jimmy."I let my pants fall to the floor and noticed the look of fascination on Kathy's face.  "Oh my god, Jimmy, I can't believe your underwear can even stretch that much!"Kathy reached out, pulled the elastic waistband back, and looked inside.  "Oh Jimmy, you have a huge dick!"She then pulled the elastic out over my cock and let my underpants drop to the floor.  She lightly touched the head of my cock then ran her index finger down and around, exploring and observing every small change.  Finally, she wrapped her hand around my dick, pulled me into the shower, and turned the water on.  Kathy stepped outside, leaving the door open and watch as I began to rinse off and soap up.  I watched as she pulled her uniform top up over her head, revealing a beautifully thin, lacy white bra.  She reached around her back to unfasten it and held the B-Cups over her breasts for a teasing five seconds or so before dropping it to the ground.  She opened her skirt and stepped out of it before joining me in the shower. It was the first time for me to see Kathy's very perky tits as well as have a full-frontal view of her neatly trimmed little bush.  Kathy was now kneeling in front of me and playing with my cock.  She was so fascinated by it all. Finally, she cautiously licked the head. She then let her tongue run up and down the shaft for several minutes.   At last, she gave the head a big kiss and allowed it to disappear deep inside of her pretty mouth.  She worked it amazingly well for a minute or so until I could not take it.  I let loose an explosion that I did not realize I had.  The first shot was all into her mouth, followed by at least three more, some of which ended up on her face and tits.  To my amazement, she scooped up every bit she could into her fingers and hands, licked it all up, and swallowed every last drop.   "Wow, that was so great," she said.  Annie will never believe this.I said, "You might want to invite her back after your cheer practice?" 

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