Sex With A Pussy Sucking Cock Perverts

Sex With A Pussy Sucking Cock Perverts

Author's note: Unlike my previous stories, this is a true story - about a night in my life I will be lucky if I never forget. Enjoy!I was a senior in High School and just recently 18 years old, on concert choir trip. Now, I'd first taken choir years before when I was in middle school for an easy grade, and I'd stuck with it all those years for three reasons; first, it was an easy grade after all, second, it was fun most of the time, and third, there was a six to one ratio of girls to guys, and some of the prettiest in the school!Over the years, the girls of the choir developed a sisterly comfort level with us guys, and we regularly got to see them in bras and panties as they changed costumes between bits, seemingly oblivious to us. This had a lot to do with my continued interest in choir, let me tell you. Still, sisterly familiarity or not, a lot of the girls dated or messed around with the guys from choir over the years. But not me, I was the harmless guy who'd never make a move, who gave good advice (about other guys, which so annoyed me), the just a bit too fat, "you're like a brother to me" guy. But all that changed during the senior choir trip.We were going to Colorado to perform in the Air Force Cathedral and a few other places, and were traveling from bus to train to bus to train and so on. Nights were usually spent on the bus or train, but one remarkable night we were in Vail Colorado, staying in the gymnasium of a Christian school. Now, Vail is cold, and for the first time I went looking for my sleeping bag, having opted for the little blanket I got on the train (that fit in my duffel bag so conveniently) all the previous nights on trains and busses. But now I was expected to sleep on a cold wood floor in a barely heated gym high above the continental divide! This night I wanted my sleeping bag! Of course (you guessed it) – no sleeping bag. This is what happens when you trust your Mother to pack, and your Father to put things on the bus (thanks Mom & Dad).Somehow, in all the hectic hustle to unload the bus/train every time we transferred, I never noticed (as I handled all the other kids stuff) that it was missing. And so, I found myself laying on the floor of the gym, having discovered the floor was colder than the air, on top of my Amtrak blanket, wearing my long johns under nearly all the clothes I had brought. And I was freezing something awful.Around me, everyone was laying out sleeping bags and of course some kids laughed at me for not having one. As I lay there trying to be tough, I noticed them. Mindy and Robin, two of the hottest girls in the school, one the daughter of the local pharmacist and the other the daughter of a local businessman, and confirmed best friends. Just a few feet from me, they were zipping their bags together, the bags being identical, and giggling madly. They wore only halter tops and panties, too soon hidden when they slipped into their big bag together, just before the lights went out.Under normal circumstances, I'd have relished the sight of them and all the other half dressed choir girls running about, but instead I coveted their extra sleeping bag.Why, I thought, should they get two sleeping bags when I was probably going to freeze to death on the floor? I lay fuming about this for a long time, until the sounds of sleeping people surrounded me, soft, even breathing, punctuated by soft snores far off across the huge room, and I kept rhythm with my chattering teeth. In fact, I was almost ready to pass out from exhaustion and hypothermia, when I felt a small hand on my shoulder, shaking me. I opened my eyes ruefully, could I not even die in peace? And there, kneeling before me, was Mindy in her little panties and halter top."You poor guy," she said, smiling luminously through the darkness, "you're shivering so… you need to warm up! Come with me…"She took me by the hand and I blindly followed, wondering how I was going to get warm, the only thing that mattered in the world to me at the moment. She led me the few feet to her & Robin's zipped together sleeping bags and then had me kneel. Good, I thought, they're going to give me one of the bags. But to my surprise, they didn't unzip the bags, but instead Mindy began to undress me. Now, I was really shivering, and taking clothes OFF seemed like a bad idea to me, but I was actually so frozen and shaky that I was in no position to argue. I let her do whatever she was up to, not at all even caring that I was being undressed by one of the hottest girls in the school. So in a moment I was in just my long johns, and t-shirt, and all my other clothes she folded, took them over, and laid them on my Amtrak blanket."Well, don't just sit there like an idiot," she said as she padded back over, "get in!"That was when I noticed beautiful Robin looking at me with those big brown eyes, the top bag zipped down a little and flipped to the side as she held it open for me, her lean slender leg just a little in view. Suddenly I got the idea, and seeing I would not only get a sleeping bag, but body warmth too, I quickly climbed in. Mindy then slid in on the other side of me, and zipped the bag up. Warmth flowed into my body and I thanked God I would survive. Both of the girls rubbed my arms and legs briskly with their little hands, and I guess they pretty well ran them all over me. I didn't care, or even notice any erotic potential (as I certainly would have otherwise). I just cared that I was warm.It was only when the two soft, curvy, feminine forms molded themselves to either side of me that I realized what a sexy situation I was in. But soon I was asleep, exhausted as I was from the shivering, ice hell I'd just endured, warm, with girls pressed to me, and very happy.I'm not sure how much time had passed when I woke up the first time, but it was to female cries of passion. Both the girls were awake and giggling, as we listened to one of the girls from the choir, somewhere on the gym floor, get it from her boyfriend. I chuckled a bit at it, but fell back asleep, intoxicated by the supple comfort of a warm, luxurious, giant sleeping bag, and two shapely, busty young women to cushion it.When I awoke the second time, something was going on that I barely registered at first. I was being shoved a bit, and there was a wet smacking noise. As I came awake I became aware of female hands roaming me insistently, passionately, and the sound of kissing. Unbelievably, the girls were half laying across me, making out with each other, and as they unabashedly felt each other up, they felt me up too. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, and then just lay there in shock for a few minutes. So Mindy and Robin were more than just friends, I thought, and to my teenage mind that was the coolest thing ever, but they were also dyking out right on top of me, and that was the hottest thing that had ever happened to me, bar none! Somehow, I just felt drawn into it. Next thing I knew, I oh-so confidently, casually, filled my hands with Robin's perfect ass cheeks. My God, they were magnificent! Instantly, she pressed into me, mashing her breasts exquisitely against me. A moment later her lips found mine and we began to kiss, urgently. Mindy, seeing this, began to kiss my shoulders and neck, and let her hands slide around and she took my rock hard cock into her hand, through my cotton long johns, squeezing insistently.It quickly became a three way kiss, the only time in my life it ever worked like that so naturally, and the next thing I knew I had my cock pressed hard into Mindy's perfect ass, and her soft, medium size breasts were bare in my hands, which I'd boldly slid underneath her halter top. I flicked her hard nipples with my fingertips, thrilling at the way they reacted to me. Robin was squirming against me but running her hands along Mindy's sleek
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flank, while her other hand wrapped erotically around my throat, softly, just to touch me. Robin first pulled Mindy's panties to just above her knees, and Mindy quickly got them the rest of the way off. Then Robin worked my long johns down and off, and my cock sliding on Mindy's bare ass skin was almost too much for me.A moment later I felt Robin take hold of my manhood, and from between her legs Mindy grasped it as well. For a moment, I had three small female hands on my cock, and just as I relished the sensation, I felt myself positioned, and suddenly I was inside Mindy, my cock surrounded by wet heat and soft, tightness. Mindy gasped as she pushed back into my lap, wriggling her butt to take every last millimeter of me inside herself."Fuck her," Robin whispered throatily into my ear, and before I could respond she began the motion herself, dry humping my ass with her slender hips, telegraphing the motion into her friend. And so Robin and I fucked Mindy, all four of our hands, and sometimes all six, on the teen beauty's breasts, squeezing, fondling. Unlike the girl who'd awoken us earlier, Mindy was pretty quiet in her passion, though she was obviously struggling to be, as she gasped and breathed hard, but barely moaned.I broke out in a sweat and was really fucking away when suddenly the bag unzipped, and cold air flooded in as Mindy rolled away from me. My cock went from deliciously warm to freezing cold in a flat instant, but it stayed rock hard. Mindy rolled to her side and tossed her hair. Over her shoulder, she shot me a look of raw passion that hit me like a hollow point bullet, but then she slid down into the sleeping bag. A moment later my cock was in her mouth, and her sweet tongue teased the underside torturously as I struggled not to cum in her mouth. Then her mouth was replaced by Robin's hand, as Robin squirmed onto her back, and I felt her leg hook over my waist. It was apparent at that point, from the way Robin's head sagged backward, and the way her mouth fell open, her face a mask of ecstasy, that Mindy was going down on her. Then I was back in Mindy's mouth, at least the tip of me was, because Robin would not relinquish her handhold on my throbbing hard cock. I was getting a handjob from one girl, and a blowjob from another, at the same time!This went on for a little while until I decided to fuck Robin. Totally caught up in the raw passion of the moment, I pulled Mindy up with a gentle, but insistent tug on her long, light brown hair. She came up and locked lips with me instantly, her soft tits teasing my chest. After a minute I broke the kiss, and rolled over between Robin's still wide spread legs. I didn't even consciously aim, but I slid into her easily, as she was dripping wet. She took a deep, sudden breath, and closed her eyes, chewing her lip as I began to move in and out of her. I drew her knees up a little, and began to thrust harder, and she reacted by grinding her hips in little circles, mewling and gasping.She whispered my name a few times in that throaty, passionate voice in which all men love to hear their name called out by a woman. Then Mindy was between us, and they were kissing, deeply, endlessly, taking turns at each other's breasts. I fucked Robin for a long time, methodically plowing her, but not too hard or too fast. When I felt her urgency rise, I rose to meet it, and soon she came, gasping and shuddering. I was amazed I was able to hold off from cumming in her, but barely.You see, Mindy's parents were friends with mine at the Chamber of Commerce, and fucking her was a wet dream come true. I wanted to do it again, and if I was going to cum in either of them, I wanted it to be her. Fortunately, she made it easy for me to do as I rolled over on my back, and off of her friend."MMM…" she said, climbing up onto me as I lay breathing hard, "my turn to cum." She took my cock in her hand and stroked it a few times, talking to it, saying, "and you too, huh big fella? Do you want to cum in me?" I stared at her open mouthed in shock that she'd suggested what I wanted to do but dared not do. What if I got her pregnant?"I'm on the pill," she said, guessing right or reading my mind, guiding me to her pussy slit, "so don't worry, OK? My Dad's a pharmacist, remember?" Of course, I realized with a start, hell, half the girls she hung out with were probably safe bets – she and Robin at least, for sure. Of course she'd have hooked herself and her friends up!And then I was sliding into her again. Heavenly! And even as I slid inch by inch into her, she whispered hotly to me, "I want you to cum in me when I cum on you…" I nodded and she smiled, wriggling me the rest of the way in as she came to rest with her soft ass on my thighs, her hands on my pelvis. "Can you hold out until then?" Again, I nodded, though I wasn't sure of it, really. I damn sure planned to try.And then she threw off the bag and rode me, her naked body glistening with sweat and steaming in the cold air as she squeezed her eyes tightly shut, her face scrunched up with intense pleasure, her bare breasts jiggling and riding high and firm. Anyone awake in the gym of some 75 people would have easily seen her, naked, wanton, riding me cowgirl, her naked friend frantically fingering herself as she watched.We really fucked, smashing our groins together with all the force and intensity we could muster, and it didn't take long until fire house bells went off in my head, and I had to grit my teeth to hold back the twenty seconds it took her to dissolve into a quivering, shivering, gasping delight on top of me. God, her pussy squeezing me convulsively as I unloaded, throbbing, twitching into her molten hot, clutching sex was the most exquisite thing I'd ever felt. She screamed now, and I know she woke some people, but immediately afterward she collapsed, and Robin quickly pulled the blanket over us, zipping us up snug and secure…I awoke from the best rest of my life, and the sun was up and bright, and the other students were starting to rouse themselves, some packing up their belongings. And the three of us were obviously naked in the big sleeping bag together. The girls were still asleep as I surveyed the room. Everywhere I looked I could tell, they all knew. Some girls looked away, hiding behind their hair embarrassedly. Some girls smiled knowingly, and a few even locked my gaze as though saying, "OK, I can see that you're a real man… care to make me your next conquest?" All the guys grinned and nodded, some flashing a thumbs up.Believe it or not I crawled out of that sleeping bag that morning, and got dressed as though nothing happened. Brazenly I stood naked for just a moment, paying all the girls back for five years of teasing with bra and panty shows. I went into the locker room and showered up, and when I came out Mindy & Robin were just going into the showers. We had breakfast together, talking friendly, and that's what we remained, friendly. But I never got into either of their pants again, though both of them would now fully undress around me (but no other guys in choir) if we were changing costumes.And so years went by. I went to college, so did they, they married, I moved away. Mindy became a hair stylist and even took my Mom on as a client. Robin I believe became a back up singer for record studios, and I became a fashion photographer – buoyed with confidence around women in a way I never could have been without them. Funnily, one day my Mom called me and told me that Mindy had told her about the event while she got a haircut. Mom was proud if a little shocked… how hilarious is that? I can't believe she told my Mom all those years afterwards!And so that's it, my true story about the first of two times in my life I got to have a ménage a trois with two girls. Anybody care to hear about the second time?

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