Ruby Sucks Cock Romanian Singer Shows Her Ass Beautiful

Ruby Sucks Cock Romanian Singer Shows Her Ass Beautiful

'Oh God I'm coming,' Dave shouted his face going red as he thrust into me. 'Bloody hell, already?' I thought. It had only been 30 seconds since he roughly pushed his cock inside me. This was not one of my best one night stands! Dave rolled off me and laughed, thanking me for a good fuck. At least he was polite I thought. I moved closer to him, trying to get him to play with me. I leaned over and kissed him but he was already nodding off. Within a couple of minutes he was spread-eagled on the bed snoring softly to himself! 'Right you bastard,' I thought, looking around the room. I soon found what I was looking for; one long scarf, one pair of long football socks and a pair of handcuffs. I used the handcuffs and scarf to anchor his wrists to the headboard and the long socks to tie his ankles tightly to the bottom of the bed. I looked down at him, amazed that he was still asleep and snoring! I pinched his nipple with my fingernails. 'Wake up, twat,' I whispered in his ear. He stirred but didn't wake. I pinched his nipples again, harder this time. 'Ow, what the fuck? Hey!' Dave said, waking up. 'Shut up, twat,' I said standing over him 'You bitch, what the fuck are you doing?' he shouted, struggling against his bonds. 'Teaching you that being a selfish lover is not a good idea,' I answered. I was getting really horny standing over this helpless guy and wondered how far I could push him. This wasn't my town and I wasn't likely to be back this way for a long time and he knew next to nothing about me. 'When you're with a woman you're supposed to give her satisfaction as well as getting your own. Oh, and most men last more than 30 seconds Mr Speedy,' I explained. 'Fuck off you slag!' he shouted at me. 'Sorry, I didn't hear that?' I smiled, putting my hand between his legs and gently squeezing his balls. 'Fuck off you… argh,' he answered as I squeezed. 'Be nice and you might enjoy this. If you are really good I might even untie you before I leave,' I said letting go of his bollocks. I straddled his chest, opening my legs so he was looking straight at my pussy. I opened my lips and started playing with myself. 'This is the vagina. It is a sensitive. It likes to be caressed before having a cock shoved into it. Women like to have a bit of time and care taken to get them in the mood for sex. At the top is the clitoris. Do you know what the clitoris is for David?' I asked. 'Of course I do,' he answered. 'So why did you ignore it then? No, never mind, I know why. You didn't want me to come because it would ruin your power trip wouldn't it? Or maybe you're not sure how to make a woman come so you didn't bother trying,' I said, slowly running my fingers up and down my lips and over my clit. I was getting turned on but I needed to pee! I left him tied to the bed and went to use the toilet then I had a wander around his house. He lived with his Mum, Dad and Sister but they were away for the weekend so the house was empty. I was feeling excited just walking around in a strange house late at night stark naked! I opened a bedroom door and looked inside to find his sister’s bedroom. I knew his sister was a year older than Dave and had been away at University. She had just finished her first year and was back home for the summer so her room had unpacked boxes and bags dumped in it. I sat on the bed and wondered what the hell I was going to do next. I seriously thought about getting my clothes and leaving the house, but I couldn't. I felt that I hadn't finished with Dave just yet. As I was wondering what to do my eyes fell on one of the bags on the floor. It was wide open with underwear spilling out of it. I knelt down and had a light rummage through it wondering if his sister was as much of a twat as Dave. Her underwear was nice but her bras were much too small for me – a 34A where I’m a 34C! I did find a lacy see through top that fit me nicely though. I also found a pair of black stockings and a black thong. Without thinking too much about what I was doing, I dressed in the lingerie. I admired myself in the mirror and suddenly wondered what the hell I was doing. Here I was standing in the family house of a guy I had met two hours earlier in a bar, fucked, tied up and verbally abused and now I was trying on his sister’s underwear! I walked out of the bedroom and downstairs to the kitchen, still wearing the borrowed underwear. I was getting really turned on and I was panting a little with excitement by the time I got to the kitchen. I had another rummage around looking for props then made my way back upstairs to Dave's bedroom. He was still tied to the bed and seemed to have given up struggling. His cock was hard and precum glistened on the end. 'Fucking hell, I thought you'd left me,' he gasped. 'Where the hell did you get that underwear?' 'They were in your sister's room. I had a nosy around. Hope you don't mind?' I said moving towards the bed. 'You little fucking slut what… ow!' he started and never finished. The clothes pegs clung to his nipples quite nicely but weren't strong enough to hurt him that badly. Well, not enough to maim him! I moved over his body, teasing him with the three remaining pegs. I gave his hard prick a squeeze in passing getting a moan from him. I clipped the other pegs to his scrotum; his cries of pain making my stomach flip with excitement. 'Now then David, are you going to apologise for being an inconsiderate shag?' I asked sitting on the side of the bed and running my nails up and down his erect cock and over his belly. 'Oh, fuck off,' he replied but not as cocksure this time. I dug my nails into his stomach leaving red marks then pulled on the pegs on his nipples. 'Oh you bitch,' he moaned lustily. 'You're enjoying this aren't you?' I asked dragging my nails down his torso to his cock which I slapped lightly. 'Ow. Yes! No! Let me up,' he moaned. I leaned over and sucked the end of his cock and he moaned again then shouted when I lightly bit the end of it. Again I straddled him over his chest and roughly knocking the pegs off his nipples. I stopped when I was sitting over his face, his sister's black panties close to his mouth. 'Now then. I want you to lick my clit. If you bite or try and hurt me in any way I will leave you tied to the bed with the front door open. Is that understood?' I asked calmly. 'OK.' I pulled the panties aside to reveal my glistening, wet pussy and lowered it to his mouth. He began to lick me, slowly at first then with more enthusiasm. I grabbed his hair and pulled his face into my crotch, riding his mouth. 'Do you like that Dave? Do you like licking me when I'm wearing your sister's panties? Are you pretending I'm your sister you dirty little shit?’ I gasped as I fucked his mouth. 'Mmmm!’ was my reply. He was actually quite good with his tongue and soon had me crying out as a powerful orgasm hit me. When I was finished I moved off his face and sat astride his chest. 'Well, did you pretend I was your sister?' I asked reaching around and playing with his cock. 'That's disgusting!' he replied. I got off the bed and pulled the wet panties off and pulled them over his face so the wet crutch was over his mouth. 'These weren't clean when I picked them up. You're tasting your sister as well as me you fucking freak
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!' I whispered in his ear. He didn't reply or move, just watched me through the leg holes of the thong. I got back on the bed and mounted his cock, sinking it deep inside my body. I fucked him for a few minutes then had another fairly disgusting idea. I pulled off him and pulled the panties off his face, throwing them on the floor. 'I have something else for you to lick,' I said squatting over him and pulling my arse cheeks apart. 'Rim me!' He didn't seem to know what rimming was so I lowered my arsehole to his mouth. He tried to turn away so I grabbed his cock and squeezed until I had his attention: 'Lick my arsehole. Push your tongue in it or I will take photographs of you with your sister’s underwear on your head!’ I felt his tongue reach out and tentatively touch my anus. I pushed back on to his tongue trying to encourage him. He began to lick harder, gaining confidence as he realised it didn't taste or smell of shit. I stretched out on Dave's body and let him rim me for a couple of minutes. I pushed my hands underneath his buttocks and probed for his anus. He tensed when he felt what I was doing but soon relaxed. I sucked my index finger, getting it nice and wet, then slowly pushed it up his bum. Again he moaned and called me names but he kept licking my arsehole as I slowly finger fucked him. I was tempted to suck his cock for him but thought better of it. He hadn't proved he was worthy of that yet. I soon got cramped in my position and pulled my finger out of his bum. I jumped off the bed hunted around his bedroom for something to use as a lubricant. Not finding anything I walked into the bathroom and searched the cupboards until I found a bottle of baby lotion. I also picked up a hairbrush with a round, smooth handle. Back in the bedroom I sat on the end of the bed and showed him the hairbrush and the baby lotion before lubricating the brush handle. I squeezed more lotion on to my fingers and moved towards his bum again. He clamped his legs shut, knocking the clothes pins off his scrotum and told me to fuck off. I reissued my warning that I would take pictures of him and he relaxed allowing me access to his bum. Slowly I lubricated his little puckered arsehole then began to push one finger deep inside him. 'So, do you like getting fingered like a girl?' I asked. 'Oh you fucking whore. Let me go,' he responded, his breath coming in gasps as I added a second finger and started massaging his prostate. I realised that despite his protests he wasn’t struggling to get free anymore. I fingered him for a couple of minutes before replacing my fingers with the hairbrush handle; pushing it in as far as the bristles would allow it to go. 'Oh my God!' Dave shouted opening his legs wider. I held the brush still for a minute then began fucking him with it. He moaned and grunted but didn't try and stop me but instead spread his legs as wide as his bonds would allow. 'You like that don't you? I bet you wish I was a man with a big hard cock. I'd make you suck my cock then fuck your arse hard and fast. Make you my bitch,' I laughed at him. This was making me so fucking horny! I was totally in control and the power trip of humiliating Dave was making me dizzy. 'Oh God, that feels good!' Dave whispered pushing back against me. I left the brush pushed up his arse and straddled him, grabbing his rock hard cock. I squatted over him facing his feet and pushed his cock into my pussy. I started to ride him, reaching between his legs to fuck him with the brush but kept losing my balance. I settled for pushing the brush as far up his arse as it would go then riding him as hard as I could. After a couple of minutes he came, moaning loudly and arching his back a he shot his load into me. This set my own orgasm off and I gasped as I felt my body tighten with pleasure. When he was dry and softening in me I got off his cock, leaving the hairbrush pushed into his arse. I could feel cum trickling out of my pussy and wanted him to taste it. I lowered myself on to his mouth and he eagerly began to clean me up. 'Lick me you fucking cunt. Make me clean. I bet you love the taste of cum don't you? I bet you'd let all your male friends fuck your mouth and cum down your throat just for the taste wouldn't you?' I whispered, the filthy language making me hornier. His tongue made me cum again and my juices mixed with his as he lapped at my pussy. I rolled off his face and lay on the floor by the bed, getting my breath and strength back. After a minute or so I got up and smiled at him. 'You're doing OK so far but I feel you've had too much pleasure as a result of your punishment. I think I'm going to leave you for your family to find. How would you like that?' I asked. 'No, please don't. You've had your fun. Please untie me. I'm cramped and my bum is hurting!' he begged. I was tired and wanted to go home. I pulled the hairbrush out of his arse and left it on the bed. I looked at him and tried to decide if I should let him go or not. Finally I decided to simply flip a coin. 'Heads you get to go free, tails I leave you for your family to find in the morning. What time is are they due back by the way?' I asked. 'My sister will be home around 8am. Please let me go,' he pleaded. I tossed the coin in the air and caught it on the back of my wrist. 'Tails. You get to stay where you are!' I laughed, grabbing my clothes and walking out of the room. I sat on his sister's bed listening to him alternatively plead and threaten me for 10 minutes before he went quiet. I removed the stockings and top I had borrowed and shoved them deep in the dirty laundry before dressing in my own clothes. Dave must have heard the bedroom door close because he started shouting and pleading again. I walked back into the bedroom and he almost started crying when he saw I was fully dressed. 'See you later Dave. Thanks for a great evening,' I smiled. 'Let me loose. You've had your fun! Please? I'll pay you,' he pleaded. 'Not good enough. Ask me really nicely,' I laughed at him. 'You fucking slut! Let me go or I'll fucking kill you!' he shouted. Something inside of me snapped at the threat. I slowly unfastened my jeans and pushed them down my legs before stepping out of them. I removed my panties then climbed on the bed and stood over his face, slowly squatting down so my pussy was pointing directly at his mouth. 'This is to stop your foul mouth,' I said and pissed in his face. I didn't have much urine, but it was enough to half fill his surprised mouth before he spluttered and spat it out. I got off the bed and pulled my panties and jeans back on then sat down to lace my boots. Dave just glared at me from the bed. 'If you had been nice I would have let you go. Now you're going to have to try and explain to your sister why you're tied to your bed with a face full of piss,' I said. 'Please let me go. I'm really, really sorry,' Dave pleaded, almost in tears. I loosened the scarf holding his wrist to the bed and made sure the key to the handcuffs was close enough for him to reach. He was already struggling and trying to get the scarf off as I ran down the stairs. I made it to the street with his threats ringing in my ears and ran back to where I'd left my car earlier in the evening. I drove home, laughing to myself all the way! 

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