She Fucks Her Pussy Very Well

She Fucks Her Pussy Very Well

I can't get you out of my head. For many months now, all I'm thinking about is you. All I'm fantasizing about is you. I help you prepare for college, I cook you dinner, I take care of you when you get sick, but all I'm thinking about is getting your teenage boy cock into my craving pussy. I don't know how it got to be this way. I guess one day I watched you splashing around in our swimming pool, and, maybe, at first, I thought "I'd love to have that hot body on top of me" and then I thought "I'd love to have my son's body on top of me". Or something. It was more gradual than that. I wanted to know how you feel. Of course a mother can't just ask her son to fuck her, but a mother can give her son an opportunity. I started 'accidentally' leaving the bathroom door open when I shower. I sunbathed in nude a couple of times. I started wearing a bit more revealing outfits. And… it worked. I spied on you spying on me. Blushing if you saw me in my very revealing nightie. I found my panties in my laundry basket stained with your cum, and another pair, still smelling of me, under your pillow. And the best part was that I knew it was me you wanted. Most teenage boys are going to want to take a peek at their mothers, especially if their mothers take good care of their bodies, but that's usually because their mothers are the most accessible. As soon as they start dating, they lose whatever interest they have. But not you, sweet boy. You have plenty of opportunities. I see how your female friends drool over you. I watched your then-girlfriend sneak you away at your seventeenth birthday party, and suck your cock. You thought you would not be seen, but you left the shed door open. I will never forget how you came into that girl's mouth - your head turned upward, eyes closed, expression of pure bliss on your face, with your cock shoved deep into her throat. Were you thinking about your mom at that moment, I wonder? So yeah, my sweet son, I know you want me, your mother. The only question remains is whether you want me just as a woman, an exotic checkmark in your book of conquests, or if you want me as your mother. I'll take whatever. But I want you as my son, and not just a random hot eighteen year old. I'm craving incest. I want you to tell me "I love you, mom" as you ravage my cunt.And so this is why I call you here to my bedroom. To talk. My flimsy, almost transparent nightie is barely covering anything and is bound to fall off my tits. You are in your silly Batman pajamas. Wondering why you are here. Trying not to stare at me. Such a gentleman. "Sit with me, baby," I say and you sit next to me, trying to look at my face but inevitably gazing down. "I wanted to talk to you about something." I imagined having this conversation with you so many times, and I thought I'd be ready, but my heart is pounding as I talk. "I found a pair of my panties under your pillow today, and I guess... I just wanted to ask what's that about." Oh how you blush! It's adorable! Your whole body cringes, your eyes actually close for a moment, and now you no longer have a problem not staring at my breasts because your eyes are glued to the floor. There is silence which I don't intend to break. You will talk. At last you squeeze out, "I'm sorry… I… I…."I'm waiting to see what flimsy unbelievable excuse you come up with. "I just wanted to…"More silence. Your face is beet-red, an expression of pure anguish. At last I break. I can't torture you like this anymore. Besides, that's not what I want… not right now, anyway. "Sweetie, it's okay," I say and I put my hand over yours. My other hand goes to your face and I turn it so that our eyes meet. "You don't need to be embarrassed. Just tell me, are you… are you thinking about me? Sexually?" "Y..yeah. Sometimes." His eyes fall again and his mouth gapes open - only slightly. And I know why - when I reached out for you, my nightie slid down. It caught on my nipples, but you can very clearly see my areolas. Just one more brush, one more movement and…"Are you mad?" you ask suddenly. I shake my head. "No, sweetie. It's flattering, really. Your girlfriend is very hot, and I know you guys were….doing stuff, and yet you still think about your old mother." Such an obvious fishing for compliments, I know, but you don't know that. You will learn eventually, but for now, it's so easy to manipulate you. "You are not old!" you exclaim passionately. "Mom, you are gorgeous. You are the most beautiful woman I know." It's my turn to blush now."Aw, sweetie, that's so nice… thank you.""You know, I've seen you a couple times… when you were out sunbathing that one time, and all I was thinking about is how great you look. If you weren't my mom…"I wait for you to continue but you don't. Well, it's time."So what if I am your mom," I say quietly. You look at me questioningly and I see wonder and hope in your eyes."Do you know why incest is a taboo?" I ask. I notice that you take a breath when I say 'incest' - are you turned on just by me saying that? I'll need to say this word  more often. You nod in response to my question. You start saying something about children and genetics but I cut you off. "Yes that's all true, but obviously we don’t just have sex to have children. Incest is a taboo because it changes power dynamics in the family. Sex is about giving and receiving. A mother should not be giving and receiving that from her child because a child does not have a way to say no." I see your gaze dulling and I'm sure you think I will be turning you down. But that's not why I'm telling you this. I want you to understand that you will not just be fucking a beautiful mature woman. You will be fucking your mother and I need to feel the full impact of that when you do. Of course, I don't say that to you. Instead, I say, "But you are not a child anymore. You turned eighteen a month ago. You are an adult. Young adult, sure, but you - not I - are now responsible for your own decisions." You take some time to process this in the context of the situation. At last, you say, "So what you mean is that… if I… if we do it, it will be okay?" "No. It will not be 'okay'. It will be absolutely wrong. You can't have the feelings you have for your own mother. You can't do the things you want to do to me." I sit up now and I spread my legs letting you see that I'm not wearing any panties. Letting you see your own mother's dripping wet pussy. I slide my hand over it, just enough to touch my clit, and I begin rubbing in it while staring directly into your eyes. "You came into this world through this hole, baby. If you want to return to it, if you want to go back to my womb, you can, but you shouldn't." You are transfixed by my actions, frozen, like deer in headlights. Like a rabbit about to be devoured by a snake. I let the nightie drop and it goes all the way down to my knees. I let you, my son, see my tits. They aren't too big, but they are still firm, heavy, with dark areolas and large pointy nipples. I'm masturbating my clit with my left hand so I grab my right breast and I tug at my nipple. "You shouldn't suck at the tits that fed you when you were a baby." And you lose it. You whisper, "Oh my god," or something and you jump on me. Your hands squeeze my tits, and you are licking, sucking, kissing, like you are starving for them. You need my tits so badly and they are all there for you, baby, so do whatever you need to do, baby, feed off your mommy's tits. Because I want you to. I need you to need them. Honestly, it hurts a little bit. I feel like I'm breastfeeding a wild animal; I am not in control of the situation. But I love this feeling. What you are doing to my breasts - whether it feels good or it hurts, it doesn't matter. It's the look in your eyes, your neediness, your loss of control that is so exciting to me, that makes me want you so badly. You let go of my tits eventually, and you go down, covering me with kisses. You are a bit more gentle now, but you are - quite literally - shaking with excitement as you approach my pussy. I have been rubbing myself all this time, but now I take my hand away and I spread my legs a little further to let you see it. Smell it. The aroma is intoxicating. You stare at my pussy for some time and then you press your face into it. Your tongue begins exploring, you taste the outside of my pussy lips, you stick your tongue inside, and eventually you get to my clit. And then you do something no one has done to me before: you suck my clit in and you hold it, very gently, with your teeth, while your tongue flickers over it. I don’t know who taught you that, but it feels amazing.I start making small thrusts in and out of your face. This probably makes it less comfortable for you to eat my pussy, but I can't help it. To make things even worse, I end up wrapping my legs around your head, and I'm now practically mashing your face into my pussy. This feels so good… too good, in fact, and I realize that I'm going to cum soon and there will be no stopping it. And you somehow wriggle your hand in and you wet your finger in my pussy, overflowing with juices, and you stick your finger right into your mommy's asshole. And I scream out as my orgasm hits me like a freight train. I want to scream out something completely obscene, like, "Oh my god, mommy's cumming in your face, baby." Go real pro pornstar for you. But, honestly, whenever a woman does that, that means that she's either faking, or the orgasm is just really small. This one, my first orgasm with my son, is the kind where I completely lose control over my body or my mind. It rips me out of my body, holds me somewhere up high for - I have no idea how long - and then gently puts me back in. I have this theory that women (and maybe men, too) aren't capable of remembering their best orgasms, which is why we keep trying to recreate that experience over and over again. This one I definitely can’t remember, and I’ll be recreating it as much as I can. When I come to, you are lying on top of me. I see your eyes staring at me, and your hand is stroking my face. I realize you are now completely naked (when did you take off your pajamas? So sneaky!) and you
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r chest is on my tits, and there is something very hard pressed against my thigh."Baby, that was amazing," I whisper. I bring my face to yours and we kiss. This is our first kiss as lovers. I taste my pussy on your lips, and I suck your tongue in, and it feels so good against my own. I reach out to your penis, and I squeeze it gently. I feel its strength and weight, and the gentle skin over the engorged veins. I whisper in your ear,"Fuck your mommy, baby."And as I guide your cock into my pussy -"Make me your incest slut" And then we both feel you entering me. And I thank whichever high school slut who taught you how to fuck because you don't just start thrusting at full speed like any first-time teenage boy would. You enter me slowly, and once you are completely inside, completely back inside your mother's needy cunt, you stay still for just a moment. I'm looking straight into your eyes with amazement and almost kind of shock. My mouth is slightly open, so is yours, and we are both realizing that this is it. This is the moment when all boundaries are crossed and there is no pulling out (literally) from this. "Oh my god, you are so big," I whisper. You squeeze my breast. "Do you like it, mom?" "Yes," I hiss. "Fuck me. Fuck mommy's cunt." "You are such a slut, mother.""I am… for you," I say, and I squeeze my pussy around your cock. You start moving in and out. You are using one hand for leverage, your other one is still mashing my breast, and I raise my hand to the other one and start pinching my nipple. You copy what I'm doing, and this symmetry feels so good. I resist trying to control your thrusts because now is about your orgasm, and I will manage to time mine against yours. You accelerate. Your thrusts are more forceful and more desperate, it’s like you are trying to go deeper and deeper inside me, trying to completely dissolve into me. I am now realizing that you are going to come any minute now, and I… actually don't want you to. It’s too soon. I want this to last longer, and so I decide to take control after all. I whisper in your ear, “Can mommy ride you?” and you thrust in me one more time and we roll over. I get up on you. Somehow your cock never slips out. I position my legs to give me leverage and I start bouncing on you. Your head tilts forward, and now you can see everything - my face, my hard nipples partially obscured by my hair, my shaved pussy taking in your hard cock. My hands are all over your body. I love feeling your heat, your firmness, your tense muscles. Your hands grab on to my ass, helping me move up and down on you. I suddenly need more of you inside me, and I catch my breath between moans to tell you to stick a finger in your mother’s asshole, which you do immediately - my ass is still wet from all my juices, and your finger slides in with no resistance. This is exactly what I need. “You like ass play, mom?” you ask with a smile, and I smile back. “You have no idea.” “That’s so hot,” you say. “Mom, you’re so hot. You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had.”I moan in reply because you start finger fucking my ass in rhythm to our thrusting. By now, you are back in control. Your free hand is basically moving me on your cock, and I’m just there to match your rhythm. “Cum in me, baby,” I whimper. “Be a good boy and fill your mother’s cunt with your cum. I want it so much.”“Yes, mommy,” you say almost automatically, and I think maybe that sets us both off. There is one final plunge, and your cock explodes in me. I feel it twitch inside. Your orgasm is so intense, it goes through your body and I feel it even in the slight movements of your finger in my ass. It feels so good. It makes me feel so complete. So wanton. I am giving my child possibly the greatest pleasure of his life. I am taking your sperm inside me, the fluid that is so forbidden for mothers to experience. I do not cum. Or, more specifically, I plateau right at the point of orgasm, the point where I am at my most depraved. The point where you can do anything you want to me. Later, I will let you explore this. You will get to know me better that way; you’ll see exactly how much of a slut your mommy can be for you. Right now though, I just want to have you in me one more way. I get off you, and a shade runs through your face. I know, mother’s pussy is so warm and tight and good to have your cock in after you cum. But there’s another place warm and tight your cock can go into. I climb down, and for the first time this night I actually see it. Your cock is small now, spent and satisfied and drained, covered in cum that dripped down from my pussy and my juices. It’s so sensitive right now, and I am gentle in taking it into my mouth. I love the taste; the pure flavor of sex. Guys are often embarrassed about their penises in the flaccid state. Admittedly, they can look funny and cute - not very masculine at all. What guys don’t realize is how much fun it is to play with this small thing. I am holding it in my mouth, taking it all in, having it entirely, from tip to balls inside. And the little strokes I’m doing with my tongue, these tiny, almost imperceptible movements, are making it grow and twitch. It’s like a little animal that needs love to flourish… and am I thinking like a mother about this? Why yes, of course - I need to nurture and nourish my son and my son’s penis. Which is what I’m doing, and which is giving very obvious results - to our mutual surprise. It takes just a minute to get you hard again, and that’s it - without special throat acrobatics, I can no longer fit this monster inside. “Can’t get enough of your mother, can you?” I tease. You are still breathing hard from your orgasm, and you really don’t need to respond - your cock does it for you. I put my mouth over it again, and I fuck it with my lips in long, sensuous thrusts. I switch to hands again. “Mom, you suck so good…” you moan.   “Tell me how much you like it,” I challenge, and I swallow one of your nuts. “I love it, mom,” you say. “I love it so much, your mouth on my cock and my balls…”I let the ball go and I lick you from the base of your ballsack up along the shaft until I reach the tip. I put my tongue over your pisshole and flick it, and then I swallow up your head and start sucking. “Yeah, just like that… Suck my cock, mommy.” I like the dirty talk. “Tell me I’m your cumslut,” I say. “You are my mommy cumslut. Take my cock, you incest whore… Yeah, that’s right, gag on it, you slut.” Damn, I didn’t know you had it in you. Such a dirty boy. I reward you by shoving your cock all the way to my throat. I don’t have much of a gag reflex, but it’s still a challenge. I pause just for a moment. Fuck it. I might as well let my son destroy my throat - it’s worth it. I take your cock out just so that it’s right over my lips. I look you straight in the eyes and I say, “I want you to fuck my throat, baby. Use my mouth as a cunt and feed mommy your cum.” And, like a good boy that you are, you grab my head and you start fucking my mouth. Your cock goes as deep as you want it to, I feel it sliding - thrusting - over my tongue and right in my throat, and all I can do is open it wide enough to let you in. My eyes start tearing up, and I have a pleading look and I just hope that you understand that I’m pleading for you not to stop. And you get it. All while maintaining eye contact, you ravage my throat, thrusting faster and faster. I’m gagging, I’m making those depraved uncontrollable noises which are either disgusting or delicious depending on how horny you are. My pussy is aching for a release but I have no hands to touch myself with as I am barely holding on. It takes you just a few minutes to cum again. Just like before when I was riding you, you do one final thrust and your cock starts twitching and pulsing as you ejaculate. I pull your cock out just a little bit so that your cum stays in my throat. I feel it in my mouth - salty, slightly metallic, and delicious. I don’t swallow. I want you to see your mother with your cum in her mouth, and I have… plans to use it later. “Mom, this was so good,” you say, and you sound genuinely amazed and grateful. But we’re not done being bad yet. I stand on my knees in front of you. I open my mouth a bit and I let you see your cum flow down. I lick it off my lips and smile. Then I spit some on my hand. I brush it against my tits, and then I slide it down and I begin rubbing your cum into my clit, fast and frenzied. “Oh my god,” you whisper. And yeah, ‘oh my god’ is right. You’ve seen your mother touching myself to turn you on, but you haven’t seen me when I rub my clit to get off. I’ve seen myself before - I do sometimes like filming myself or just looking at myself in the mirror - and I get intense. Very intense. Especially when I’m so close. I’m breathing hard, and my expression is pure concentration. With my free hand, I pinch my nipple till it hurts. I look straight into your eyes and whisper, “Watch me cum,” because I need you to see it. I need your full attention on your over-excited cum slut of a mother. And this time, when I cum, I squirt. You look in amazement as my pussy is gushing my own cum. I scream out your name, and I squirt again. My body is shaking. I can’t stand anymore and I collapse into your arms. You kiss me, gentle but also hard, your tongue reaching out for mine. We make out for quite some time, breaking contact only to get some air. There are tons of thoughts running through my head. What does this mean for us? What do I do now? Am I a terrible mother? Or the best mom in the world? I don’t know. I hear your heartbeat as my head is resting on your chest, and I allow myself to not care. I think about the now. It’s getting late and we are getting sleepy. We’ll need to take a shower… or maybe we don’t, and we just fall asleep like this, drenched in each other’s cum and sweat. Gross, sure, but kinky. Maybe a little romantic. And then, tomorrow, I’ll show you what else I like to do. And, oh boy, you’re in for a treat.            

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