Hot Whore Is Fucked Only In The Ass

Hot Whore Is Fucked Only In The Ass

“Well, well, well” she said smiling brilliantly at the old friend. She looked up as she gazed at the young man. He’d grown up next door to her and now 26 years old, he was all filled out, and of course all grown up as well. He wore a closely shaved beard but still his eyes identified him almost immediately. She knew the eyes quite well. Having adored him all her life, she was thrilled to see him again. “How are you?” she asked. She couldn’t believe he was back in town. Stepping out on to the porch to speak with him, the two hugged as if old friends, which they were kind of. “It’s so great to see you again” she went on to say and as she said it her eyes quickly roamed his frame. “And my Tyler, you look marvelous. You really do.” With that having been said, she practically begged for another hug from him, which it looked like he was more then willing to give to her. “So what brings you to town dear? Why do I get the pleasure of seeing you all of a sudden?” Marie Hampton had always been a longtime friend of Tyler and his family. Seeing as he was back in town for whatever reason made the older woman more then a little happy. She couldn’t believe it but was more then willing to invite him in and sit and chat for as long as he wanted. “Come on in honey. I’m not doing anything today” she said. Just as she did she took hold of his hand and practically pulled him into the house. He followed. They sat and she looked at him just as if she was some young teenage girl who loved staring at the older boys around her. He didn’t even pick up on it although he had noticed how attractive she looked. And he did say something to that affect too. “I must say Mrs. Hampton, you sure don’t age. How long has it been since we last saw one another? What’s it been? Seven or even eight years now?” he asked. “Thank you honey” she replied. “I try to stay healthy. I walk and even run for that matter but look at you. You look marvelous. Tall, structurally sound” and once she said it she re-thought what she’d just said. I mean, wow you’re a hunk. A good looking one at that and with that beard, oooooohh wow, what a man she told herself. “Even that beard looks great on you. I like it. I do” she went on to say. But what she told herself was she loved it and she loved it a lot. Mmmmmm, I could and then she stopped herself from thinking any further dirty ideas. “So what brings you to town?”He told her and with that she said “So where will you be staying?” “I have no idea. I just stopped by to see if you might know of any boarding places” he said after hearing her question. “Boarding places? No way Tyler dear” she said and went on to add “we’re friends even though it’s been a few years since any of us have seen one another. I am going to insist you stay right here. I’ve got room and lots of it too. My kids are all away at college now, and that doesn’t make me an old woman or anything but” and once she said it she laughed lightly “even Tom’s out of town half to three-quarters of the week. So it would basically be you and me here for the most part.” He had to think on that. Free rent and whatever else there was. He looked at her. She seemed to be always smiling. Her eyes twinkled. He always loved that about her. It was, to him, a sign she was always friendly, always open, and always more then willing to accommodate someone’s needs. Yes with her and the likes, and also looks as well, of him she was more then willing to accommodate his needs. They went over it. “I’ll drive around with you to find a place but you can’t find cheap like here honey.” With that she reached across and lightly patted his hand while looking deeply but affectionately into his eyes. “We can hang out here today. We can go swimming out back a little. You do have trunks don’t you? You like to swim as well, right?” she asked. “And tomorrow we can drive around and see what’s out there but like I told you the rent is pretty much free of charge.”Then she thought about it and added “I’m sure there are only a few things needed around here. I can always come up with something, okay?” They looked at one another and her thoughts were already on the march. She was already thinking. She was already wondering how to do what she wanted. At 42, Marie didn’t look a day over 32 or 33. She always ate a healthy diet. She always used all the right skin products. And she always walked and ran almost every day. So in addition to her looks she was healthy and not too overwhelmed with over-sized breasts but her body was, to many men, one for the ages. She knew it and she was proud of it too. Later, after talking for a while, he brought in his bags. They hung out. She adored that the old friend had come to visit. She adored it that he was going to hang out, with her, for a number of days. How long she didn’t know but as far as she was concerned it didn’t matter. She was already putting on her armor, so to speak. She wanted this guy. She decided, already, she wanted him whether in the pool, in the house, in the bathroom, or better yet in her bedroom. Yes, the bedroom and for that matter hers or his or one of the others. None of that mattered. A bed is a bed is a bed. She smiled to herself. She went and put on a “conservative” looking bathing suit. It was one which showed off her fit and sexy looking legs. It was one which displayed a more then trim looking tummy as well. It was one, which was probably a half size too small but which enhanced her bosoms just enough that he could see the cleavage and he could surely appreciate her figure and look at her as if she was a younger woman again. “Mmmmm, I do look fine” she said aloud in her bedroom. “Ooooooohh I think I do” and she smiled almost too jubilantly. Mmmmm, don’t I?” she said although she knew she did and then turned around once more to admire her body again. “Yep, I certainly do” she said again reassuring herself. “Now, I hope he thinks so as well.” Then she grabbed a towel and went out back to the pool. “Coming Tyler?” she asked as she whisked off past his bedroom. She heard him say he’d be there in a second. She grabbed wine, water, and also some beers and placed them in a cooler for the two of them. Then she jumped into the shallow end just so he could see her upper body, and also her lovely cleavage. Once she saw him her heart seemed to flutter. Ohhhhhh, she thought as he emerged from inside the house. Oh my lord, look at that chest. Oh lord, look at his body. What a man, she thought. What a body she told herself and then she said “Wow Tyler, I have to say. You look healthy. I mean you’ve stayed in great shape over your young years. I girl, or even a woman, has to be crazy not to be attracted to you.” Then she asked “Is there a girlfriend anywhere?” She waited. “Nope, no girlfriend” he replied. “Just friends but wish I had a lady friend” he added. That had her thinking, already. He wishes he had a lady friend. Hmmm that’s quite interesting. Do you want one, she wished she could say right then and there, but didn’t. “Why don’t you?” she asked. “I mean you are handsome as they come. You’re as healthy looking as any man can be. You have sweet qualities almost any girl looks for in a man. Wow Tyler, it is hard for me to believe a man like you doesn’t have a woman who wants to hang all over you.” I would. I mean I will. I mean I should. Oh god, this is nuts. Marie, get a hold of yourself. You’re a grown woman, albeit a great looking one, but grown and mature and, and then she thought a hot looking and hopefully sexy looking woman still. “So tomorrow where would you like to start?” she asked. He told her. “I have some ideas” as his eyes suddenly canvassed her cleavage and chest. It wasn’t the first time either. She seemed to notice he looked at her upper body a few times making her happy as a lark. She asked what they were. He told her. She smiled as she listened. She watched him closely. Yes, his eyes were repeatedly scoping out her boobs and more specifically her cleavage. Hmmm, I wonder, she said to herself. Hmmm, I do question if there’s any interest on his part whatsoever. “Great. I’ll be more then ready. “I’ll go wherever you want to go” she said. “I can’t wait. It’ll be a splendid day or so I hope.” They talked and talked and talked. Both made great conversation together. She asked, he answered, or he asked and she answered and either way it went it was as if they knew each other as if they were family. However, thank god, in her opinion, they weren’t. The next day she was up earlier then she wanted but it didn’t matter. She was going to spend the day driving all around with this young and very well framed man. Once up and all cleaned up and dressed she heard him. Feelings out of nowhere started to develop. She had to calm herself down. Now wasn’t the time although given the chance she thought heck yes. I’d pay for a hotel. I’d let things fall where they could. Yes, I’d lie down with this guy. He’s no longer a boy. He’s grown. He’s ungodly incredible looking. I only wish I knew what was under his wrapping paper. She smiled as she came back out of her room. They said good morning and were soon off to possibly find a room. The next day was different. She did not want him to leave. On that day she tried believing that there was a slight chance there was chemistry between them. So with that idea, not necessarily embedded in her thoughts, she went with a wild and crazy idea. She thought about it. She thought it over. She thought and thought and she thought about it in every way possible. Yes, Marie was sure she could pull it off, and with that said and done, she went ahead the following day with the devious and naughty decision to follow her plan. “I am soooo bad” she said to no one. “I am. I am” and then she paused a second. Then she added “I am soooo, soooo bad.” She looked up at herself in the mirror. She smiled a wicked looking smile. She knew what she wanted but had to think it out thoroughly. She knew it wasn’t a huge risk but knew it was all in the timing of it so with that thought out she planned and re-planned what exactly she wanted to do. Weeks went by. Almost four to be close as she thought out what she wanted to do. Tom, her husband was away. As usual she was quite used to it. Tom had easily become a non-factor in her life when she planned to pursue what she wanted so with that thought out as she planned it all out, she went ahead with it all. Tuesday morning. She just finished her shower. Steam filled the air. Marie dried off. She stopped, quickly glanced at her “youthful” looking figure, and with that she cracked open the door. Marie listened. Marie looked. Nope, nothing yet she told herself. Tyler was still in his room. She’d wait. She’d listen. She’d wait a little longer. She had time. She designed it all in her mind. She did her hair. She even put on her makeup in the lavatory. She waited. She listened. She listened closely. Wait. Is that him? Okay, ready. Do not look for him. Look down at the floor. Pay close attention to what you’re doing Marie, she kept on telling herself. Slowly. That’s it. Leave slowly. Look down. Don’t pay attention to him. One more step, she said to herself. Slow down. That’s it. Do you see him? All of a sudden Tyler stopped. She heard a muffled like thud of sorts. Marie, acting as if she had no idea what was going on, looked up. Acting as if she was not aware she was wearing only a bra and panties only looked up into Tyler’s face. On the other hand, Tyler was just beginning to stare at Marie’s figure. Bra, boobs, body, and shit look at her cute sexy panties for that matter. God, look at her hips even. Holy shit, look at her body his facial expressions were saying. Yes, Marie knew them. Yes, Marie knew what his facial looks meant exactly, but Marie immediately behaved as if she forgot she was only wearing a bra and panties only. It was the plan from the start. Let him see her. Yep, that was her plan. Let Tyler see her in a bra and panties only. Let him see her “goods.” Let him get a good long look of her well kept body. That’s right she reminded herself. Let him see all of my body, almost. “Oh” she started to say. I am” and she paused. “I am so” and she paused again as if startled by his presence. I am” and she looked down and then looked up as she put on a facial expression which notated she was surprised as ever before saying to him I am so soooo sorry.” She behaved as if she wasn’t thinking. She acted like she was surprised as ever even though she knew exactly what she was doing. She went on to say “Oh Tyler, excuse me honey. I am inappropriately dressed.” She was wearing a half smile on her face regardless. And then she went on to add as she made one step for her bedroom “Good morning. How are you, Tyler?” He was gazing at every possible luscious feature on her frame and she could tell. “Uhhh is something troubling you?” she asked. “Oh uh, umm no Marie” he said first as his eyes darted across her figure, landing of course on first her tits and cleavage and then traveling southward a little to other areas of the tanned, slim, but curvaceous physique for the older woman. “Umm uhhh nothing’s uhhh bothering me at all.” Still, Tyler continued to ogle the attractive looking woman’s physique. Then Marie went on and added “Ohhhhhhh my lord.” She tried covering up some of her figure. “I uhhh ohhh my lord” she went added. “Excuse me. I am soooo sorry about how I umm look right this moment” she lied. “Exposing myself like this to you, I hope” and she slowed her words before going on to say “I mean I do hope I haven’t put either of us in a position we don’t want to be in.” She then cut herself off. “I am soooo sorry dear. I really am” she said apologetically. She looked down over her body and then said “Let me go and put something on.”She walked around Tyler. Tyler turned and caught a very nice glimpse of her backside. He glanced at her shoulders. He took a long endearing look at her sweet looking hips. He gazed at her wonderful and gorgeous looking ass. And then Tyler swiped a look at her fine looking thighs. He stared quickly and then turned and walked away. Back in her bedroom she was more then a little excited and even a tad turned on possibly. Marie wanted to explode with openly vocal joy as if celebrating the plans she’d made over the past few weeks, but didn’t. Yes, Marie was wearing one huge victorious smile on her lips. She raised her arms in victory. However she knew there was much more work to be done but she also knew she was coming closer to her “dream” she set out to accomplish. As she put on clothes, she told herself it was a start. She stayed in her bedroom to let it all simmer down for the time being. She had no idea what he was thinking and hadn’t thought about that as of yet. Regardless, Marie was more then happy with what she had initially planned out. It seemed to play out almost as she wished as her heart beat fast, and she could almost dictate what was going on in his mind but didn’t hazard a guess at that point. He went about his business. She finally came out of her room about an hour and a half later. He was in a t-shirt but he was also wearing his bathing suit trunks as well. “Hi” she said. “First off, let me apologize for what happened this morning” she said and went on to try and diffuse the situation as best as possible without “losing” his interest as well. Still picturing all the fine, fine assets of her body in his mind he instantly told her it was not a problem and added she should be proud of herself for staying in as good a shape as she was. The day began slowly. Both eventually got away from the “incident” of the morning however it had him thinking about a situation. It was a situation he never ever thought he’d talk to someone in his life about. They were sitting there, quietly. Neither had said a word to the other, once they finished speaking, but both were done eating a morning “breakfast” and both happened to be reading different portions of the paper. Tyler looked up at her. He looked back and started reading another article. She was reading but unbeknownst to him, she looked up at him too. She started reading some more as well. He did it again. He looked up, looked at her, and looked back down at the paper to read some more. She did it again too. She looked up, looked at him, and went back to reading as well. Twenty minutes passed. Silence filled the house. One could hear a lot of things but neither was speaking to the other. Peaceful silence filled the air around them. He was done reading and put the paper down
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and slid it away from himself. He looked at her as she read her portions of the paper. “Can I tell you something?” He looked right at her and right into her eyes as he went on to say “Something very personal, Marie?” She stopped reading. She put down the paper and looked at him. She noticed the serious look in his eyes and on his face. Out of nowhere, she knew something was bothering him, and needed her attention. So she gave him all her attention and paid no attention to any other matter. “Sure you can honey” she told him. “Well, I’m really not sure how to tell you this” he went on to say. She looked at him softly and told him to just say whatever it was that was bothering him. “Well, I don’t know” he began as his eyes and head looked down briefly at the kitchen table. “I think maybe, well never mind” he went on to say. He looked at her. He tried smiling but failed. Out of nowhere he started using hand signals as he spoke. “Earlier, in the morning” he began. “The incident” he said as he used hand signals to signify her running into him when she was in her bra and panties. “Well that got me to thinking a little.” “Yes, I’m sorry about that too” she lied. “But what were you thinking?” “This is a little embarrassing to tell you I think but for some reason I need to tell someone and I don’t know why either” he went on to add. “What’s that sweetheart?” she asked in an endearing tone of voice. She had no idea either and had to know seeing as she was crazy about the young and more then a little attractive looking man she was becoming very attracted to. “You know Tyler” she went on to say almost too softly “anything you tell me, when we are all alone, is between you and me. No matter what dear, I guarantee you that what you tell me will always remain a secret.” “Okay” he said sounding as if he felt a little more confident. He smiled also. He looked at her. “This is the deal.” He paused and looked at Marie. “First off, what happened this morning? Well, let me say this. I will admit, and I have no idea if other people have ever told you this, but I want to and that is I think” and he stopped speaking for a moment. He looked around and then looked at her. “I think you have a terrific looking body.” He closed his eyes for a moment and even shook his head. Then he opened his eyes and looked at her. She stared back, blankly. However, she was more then a little curious at that point, and inside was burning with a little curiosity at what he was about to say. “I mean, don’t get me wrong on this, but Marie” and he slowed down his words before going on to say “For your age, god Marie, you are” and he stopped. Then he said “Damn Marie, you are one hot woman, and I mean that. Don’t ever not think that, alright?” “Well sweetheart, coming from you of all people, that is a huge and I mean huge compliment. A woman like me, hearing that from a handsome man such as yourself, should be more then a little impressed, and let me tell you that I am.” She smiled and reached across and patted his hand, knowing exactly what it was he was referring to. “Thank you, thank you, and thank you again honey” she told him warmly. They stared into the others eyes. The air around both seemed to warm up to a degree. However, she knew there was something more to the whole thing, and she wanted to hear what it was he wanted to tell her. “So what was it you wanted to tell me honey?” she asked. “Oh yeah” and he closed his eyes and shook his head and rethought what he’d been thinking about telling her earlier. “I don’t know. I’m not sure you need to hear this.” Nonetheless, she reassured him what he told her would remain a secret if that’s what he wished. “Okay, hear it is alright?” he went on to say. He looked at her and she gazed back into his eyes warmly. She waited. For some reason, whatever it was he was about to say, it seemed serious and she knew she had to hear it. “I love to” and he paused as he looked at her. She waited. “I uhhh love uhhh taking hold of my umm penis” and he stopped talking for a second. The cat was out of the bag. She remained emotionless throughout it all as she waited for him to tell her. “I love to umm masturbate and I’m uhhh not sure it’s all that uhhh normal.” He closed down right away as he looked into her eyes and hoping to get some satisfactory response from her. The world appeared to open up for him. The skies seemed to brighten up all of a sudden as a gleaming smile appeared on her lips. Her eyes glistened also as she began reacting to what he’d told her. “Ohhhhhhh honey” she replied, sweetly and gently. “Almost every man, including Tom, will masturbate dear. Sweetheart, even every woman almost masturbates at least once in their life. I can almost assure you of that and there isn’t anything to feel embarrassed about either.” With that she again placed her hands on his on the kitchen table. “Never ever feel embarrassed about masturbating, okay. It is a” and she was moving her shoulders and hands and arms about as she reassured him it was a perfectly fine activity all men and women do “right of passage, I think. Okay sweetheart?” With her hands still on his, he smiled at her. “Thank you” he said. “Do you know what?” She asked what. Almost laughing he told her “That makes me feel one hundred percent better now.” “Me too” she said and he asked why. “Because even a woman my age still likes to masturbate if you can actually believe that.” His eyes grew twice the size they were. He couldn’t believe it. Marie masturbates he thought. No way, he told himself as a smile seemed to permanently settle on her face. Her eyes seemed to smile as well which made him feel much, much better. “Wow, you masturbate too?” he said and she nodded. “Ohhh my god wow” he said as a smile appeared on his lips too. “Like in your bedroom or where or wait” he went on to add. “That’s none of my business is it? She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know” she said, still grinning openly. “I don’t mind that you know. Okay, we’re friends aren’t we?” she asked. He said yes. “I have a few close friends, albeit women of course, but they all know I masturbate and even Tom knows I do it too. So don’t worry, okay?” Things broke up. He went to his room. She went and did a little paperwork but as she did, she thought a lot about their conversation. She put it away and went to the bedroom, which was down the hall from his. In it, she thought about the conversation some more. She was smiling from ear to ear but began to settle down. The shorts soon came undone. They soon got pushed down her legs. The panties came down too. She laid back against her headboard and relaxed. Soon her fingers found their way down inside and began fiddling with the lips of her pussy. It felt incredibly good as they started easing up into the inside walls and empty vacancy needing to be filled up. “Stop” she said aloud to herself. “I’ve got a better plan” she added as she thought about the earlier conversation with Tyler. She pulled herself together and got up off the bed. She walked out and down to his room, knocking on his door. He was fully dressed but online and looking up some unknown unmentionables. She knocked at his door and said “May I come in?” He said yes of course and quickly signed off the site he was on. “Hi” he said as he looked up at the attractive Marie. “Come on in.””What’re you doing?” she asked as if she knew. “Oh uhhh nothing?” he said lying. That, to her, sounded untrue which was of course true. He was doing something but he wasn’t going to tell her. She stepped inside a little more as she smiled and talked to him. She asked if it was alright to sit down and he said yes. “What’s up?” he asked. “Oh nothing really?” she said honestly. They looked at one another as if trying to read the other’s mind. He put away his laptop and sat up as he looked at her seemingly always cheerful face. “Yeah, I know how that goes” he replied. “I’m not doing anything either.” “May I ask you something?” she said. “Oh sure” he said. “Ask away.” “How often do you like to uhhh jack off?” she said. The question kind of startled him but he openly answered her. “Oh uh I don’t know” he started to say as his voice seemed to quake and quiver as he replied. “Umm about two or even sometimes three times a week.” “Really, that often?” she replied. She maintained a smile as she shook the head lightly. “Wow,” she went on to add as she then nodded. “I had nooooo idea” and she nodded some more. “That’s quite interesting. Hmmm, I would have never thought that, but then what do I know?” “How often do you uhhh masturbate?” he asked out of the blue. “Oh me?” she replied. “Me, well umm, I do it about once every couple weeks, maybe.” He looked at her. He smiled as he did. He kept on looking at her and wondered about it all. “You know” he began to say. “I’ve been here for a while, right?” She confirmed how long. “I’ve never thought about you and me or even you but” and he stopped a moment. Then he added “After having accidentally seeing you this morning well wow Marie I almost have to admit, I probably, in the sanctity of this room could do it.” “Do what?” she asked. “Jack off, really?” “Umm yeah” he confirmed. “I have to be honest. Seeing you in your bra and underwear well god Marie I mean you did look very, very attractive.” She smiled and told herself she was coming a little closer to what she wanted and with that she said “Want to do something a little unusual?” He asked what she was suggesting. “Pull yours out. Let me watch you a little. And maybe, just maybe, if I’m truly impressed which I’m sure I will be, I’ll let you see me play with myself. I know that sounds wild but doesn’t that sound fun and possibly exciting as it gets?” He was startled but inside he was telling himself wild and crazy ideas. He was all for it. He needed to breathe and he needed to relax as well. She could see it and laid a hand on his leg and rubbed it so he would calm down. He soon did. With that, the trunks he had on slowly came down, and before she knew it she was seeing his cock for the very first time. She gazed at it and looked up and him, smiling and reassuring him she liked it. “Go on, hold it for me alright?” she said softly. “Let me watch you.” He was happy to and with that he stroked himself. She watched patiently but felt that burning feeling inside herself as well. Regardless, she watched it grow. It grew more beautiful as it became harder and longer and so much more erect. “How do you feel?” she asked. He said different. He told her horny. “Mmmmm, isn’t that a nice, nice feeling? To feel horny like that I mean? He nodded and said yes and as he did he grew even more aroused and wanted some “assistance” in the whole process seeing as there was a hot looking, sexy woman in the room. “Uhhh Marie?” he said. “Uhhh care to umm join in?” he asked as he tried smiling. Lying, she said “Me? You want me to” and she paused a moment before going on to ask “uhhh want me to hold that? Honestly Tyler?” He looked at her, almost smiling. She was smiling inside of herself and waiting to get a hold of his cock in her hand. She couldn’t wait. She took hold of it, very slowly. Her fingers slowly reached around the hard manliness and as they did she wore a sober but defined look in her eyes. She stared at the cock and her hand and fingers. It all felt quite good and she knew it too. She began to smile as her fingers and hand bit by bit climbed up the aroused erection. He watched intently as raging fluids bore almost new like holes throughout his body. He was becoming seriously tense as her soft and gentle hand stroked his hard cock. He so wanted to cum for her and make her feel more pleased then she could imagine. “How are you feeling, honey?” she said. Without considering it he said “Oh god, you have no idea.” She smiled deeply into his eyes. “Let’s do this, okay? Let me get behind you. I’ll do this by reaching around your body. You’ll love it, alright honey?” He agreed and she climbed back behind him, putting her arms around him, and continuing to jack him off. He grew hornier and hornier and she knew if she wasn’t careful he’d explode all over himself, and she did not want that. She wanted his cum on her face and tits or something like that. “Mmmmm, I have to say sweetheart. Your cock sure feels wonderful. “Ooooooohh ahhhhh” she murmured as she continued stroking its manly like features. “Ohhh this is making me soooo horny and I bet you didn’t even know that, did you? Want to slow down a little? Want me to undo my clothes so you can see my pussy, so you can play with it, and even maybe lick it out? Would you like to do that?” He was crazy about the idea and with that they shifted positions. Before he knew it he was down inside her thighs and he was easing into her cunt and loving every last second of it. Before she knew it, she discovered he was damn good at licking out a woman’s pussy as if he was a professional. Yes he was. “Ohhhhhhh god Tyler” she screamed. “Oh my freaking god” she cried out over and over. “Oh ohhh ohhhhhh fucking yes” she squealed as her body moved about his bed. He kept on going. His tongue was deep inside her pussy. It was swirling and moving wildly about it and as it did, she was more then enjoying the sexual comforts of it. “I, ohhh I need” and she stopped speaking for a moment as she took more and bigger breaths of air. “I need your cock honey. I need it. I need it badly” she went on to beg. “I want you in me. Make me cum. Make me do more. Ohhhhhh god I need your wonderful cock now.” He looked up. He knew she did. He couldn’t believe it but he owed this woman more then his cock, so he started with that and easily pulled up on her, and put it up against the opening and soon went inside her cunt. “Ohhhhhhh my fucking god” she cried out. “You feel awesome. It feels incredibly wonderful. “Ohhh you’re never going to leave me. Never” she went on to add as they pumped and pounded and fucked one another passionately and hard and as they did her hands and arms found their way around his body and pulled him down on her. “I need more. I need soooo much more baby. Fuck me harder honey” she cried out as their bodies smashed into one another. They seemed to go at it for another ten minutes or so but he was having a problem. “What baby what?” she called out. It was working for her but not for him. “I’m gonna” and he stopped speaking for a second and then said “I am going to cum. I gotta pull out. I have to cum and I’m going to have to do it now Marie” and he did. He pulled out and took hold of his cock. She was already thrilled at what happened to her. She came and she had cum at least twice while fucking her young and definitely sexy handsome friend so with that he came and he came hard. It rushed out, splashing over her face, over her cheeks, down her chin, and across half her boobs as well. Once finished, his body seemed to collapse. So did his dick. He looked down at her. She was covered with it. She looked up at him, smiling as if a kid on Christmas. “Do I look good?” she said as she began wiping off the cum. She put it into her mouth and started swallowing what he’d shot at her. “Mmmmmm, this is good honey. Ohhh yeah, this is terrific” and with that she pulled him down on her. “I need more of this, okay?” she said and with that she kissed his lips, hard. “We are for sure going to get together and spend a whole day and even a night together, alright? How’s that sound?” she said. “It sounds pretty damn good to me” he told her as the two lay side by side and naked. He looked her over. God, all of a sudden she looked sexier then he ever imagined. Her naked and more then a little soft figure looked terrific to him. “Thank you, thank you, and thank you again Marie” he went on to say as his hands found their way to the top of her body and breasts.She let them wander over her tits and as they did she said “I know you may think you’re in love with me and all but don’t believe it. That’s just lust babydoll. We can enjoy that right?” she said and with that she leaned in and kissed his lips hard again. Mmmmm oooooohh” she said aloud once she felt a couple fingers poaching down inside her thighs. “Oooooohh, wanna go there again do you? Well feel free. I’m game if you are.”It started all over once again and then before she knew it he was inside her. She let it all happen as if it was their first time.

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